Helping Seniors Remember with Picture Frames

As a person grows older, their mind does not work as well as it used to. Therefore, their memory is not as sharp, and they start to forget more and more. However, for those who suffer from diseases such as dementia, it goes beyond normal forgetfulness, and they start to forget important people in their life. They may also experience difficulty in holding conversations and remembering events. The disease may also develop and impair their judgment and cause disorientation.

Despite these symptoms, you can try to keep their mind active by engaging them in conversation and activities that stimulate their mind. This includes showing them pictures of people, places, and events that will jog their memories and help them remember what they have lost. 

Showing pictures to a person who suffers from dementia is a great way to help them remember important people in their life. Here are some ideas on how to include pictures in order to help dementia patients reminisce on their life. 

How to use photos for memory support in dementia patients

How to use photos for memory support in dementia patients

Photos are a great aid in helping dementia patients remember their past memories. They serve as aid that they can use to connect the dots. Additionally, if you discuss the pictures, chances are that you can jog their memories, and they will have definite memories that they can attach to those memories. Here are a few ways that you can make use of pictures and picture frames. 

Arrange the photos in chronological order 

Arranging photos in chronological order in either a photo album or photo frame can be extremely helpful. It helps show the person with dementia their life history or story. You can start the album from wherever you like and arrange it so that it leads up to the present day. The best way to organize it is to concentrate on the key moments of their life. You can also choose to display the happy ones. These methods help start a conversation and enable them to engage in the activity. It is important to keep the design simple so that the photos are the main focus and not the decoration or the album itself. 

Choose photos that make it easy to show relationships

One aspect of dementia includes forgetting your relatives. To help them remember key family members, you can show them pictures that make relationships clear. Furthermore, you can also dedicate a section in the scrapbook to the person and their relative so that the relationship they share is cemented in the mind of the person with dementia. You can also choose pictures of the person with the family member in different life stages and ages. Be sure to arrange them chronologically. 

Select photos that show meaningful moments

When you are searching for senior picture frame ideas, a great thing to try out would be to select pictures that show meaningful moments. When you choose pictures that depict either their favorite memory or their favorite hobby, it sparks the person’s interest and allows you to engage in a conversation with them. This conversation can be very fruitful in helping them recover certain memories. 

Connect not correct

Another great idea is to make connections when you share memories using photos. Make connections between memories and photos rather than putting the person down for not remembering certain people, places, and events. The best way is to gather some senior picture frame ideas and arrange connecting memories. Then you can try to strike up a conversation on how all these photos are connected. 

Mix it up

It is best if you change up the pictures weekly so that you can keep things fresh and interesting. This way, you won’t be bored and frustrated. Such an attitude is often easily noticeable and you want to be kind and engaging. Therefore, change up the pictures and discuss different photographs, memories, and people so that you and the person with dementia are engaged in the conversation.

Create scrapbooks that are unique and personalized to the person’s life

A great way to retain the person’s sense of self and identity is to keep their history and past life alive. To do so, you can create a scrapbook for them. The best way to go about this is to personalize the scrapbook to make it feel like the scrapbook is theirs and contains a part of their life. You can arrange it however you like. It can be arranged chronologically, by relationship, etc. Furthermore, you can also include a picture of them on the cover. Such a cover might delight them, and they may feel a sense of belonging and happiness. 

Invest in a slideshow photo frame and keep it somewhere they can see at all times

Sometimes opening up a scrapbook and taking out the time to look through it might be too much effort for someone with dementia. Additionally, they may not be able to do so due to immobility issues. Therefore, you can also look into investing in a photo frame that can play a slideshow of pictures and place it where the person with dementia can see it at all times. This is one of those senior picture frame ideas that are easy to set up and low maintenance as it will be there at all times, and you do not have to prepare anything in advance. 

Ensure that the pictures are large and visible

Whatever method you choose to display the pictures and show them to the person with dementia, ensure that the pictures are large and visible. With age, it is common for eyesight to deteriorate as well. Therefore, choosing to print out large and visible pictures will help the person see them without any added strain to their eyes. If you choose to display them in a photo frame, either place the photo frame near them or choose a larger-sized one. 

Best picture frames for seniors

Best picture frames for seniors

Having picture frames that display either loved ones or things that seniors with dementia enjoy is the best way to help them remember and keep in touch with their memories. To do so, you need good-quality picture frames. Here are some of the best picture frames for seniors. 

Skylight Frame – 10 Inch Wifi Digital Picture Frame

The Skylight Frame is an excellent frame if you want a digital photo frame that can cycle different pictures at a chosen interval. It has a 10-inch screen that you can install in any place that the senior can easily view it. This frame even has a heart button that the senior can press. You can view this button as a way of saying thank you. 

The Skylight Frame is an easy-to-use intuitive device that requires you to plug it in and connect it to the wifi to work. Additionally, you will need to create a Skylight email address to which you can email photos. These photos will appear on the frame, and the person with dementia can see them without you having to be physically present. 

American Lifetime, Digital Picture Frame, 12 Inches

The American Lifetime digital picture frame is large. Therefore, it is perfect for a senior that may not have the best eyesight. The screen has a screen resolution of 800 x 600 and is thus wide and clear. Furthermore, it has a digital clock as well, which you can use to set daily alarms. You can set up up to 5 daily alarms. You can use these alarms for medication, among other things. 

Portal by Facebook

This photo frame by Facebook is yet another digital frame that allows you to stay connected to your elderly parents. Portal is an all-in-one device that allows you to do various tasks. These tasks include calling, viewing, controlling, and even sharing. You can use it to stay connected to a person with dementia without being present in the room. Furthermore, you can use it to display various pictures as well. 

The best feature of this device is that you don’t need to have a Portal too. You can simply purchase one and keep it in the senior’s room and control it even when you are not there. It also has a smart camera installed, which you can use to make encrypted calls.


Pictures can be a great tool to help someone remember. Rather than narrating stories, pictures provide a visual cue that the person with dementia can use as anchors to retrieve part of their memories. However, these photos need to be accessible to them and somewhere they can see at all times. Thus, a great idea would be to invest in a photo frame. You can choose a normal frame or you could pick out a digital one that switches between different photos on its own. 

If you need senior picture frame ideas and want to know more about how to use pictures to help a senior remember more about their life, the article above is a great resource.