How to Numb Your Skin Without Lidocaine?

Whether it is for a medical procedure, or simply to avoid pain and discomfort from insect bites, numbing is essential at times. While most of the creams and injections on the market contain lidocaine, there are ways to numb your skin without it. Natural remedies and other chemical anesthetics are just as effective. 

How to Numb Your Skin Without Lidocaine?

Use Ice for Numbing

Ice causes numbing by shrinking the blood vessels in the skin. Blood stops flowing to the area, so it turns pale and goes numb. Using ice is a very good way to numb your skin, especially for insect bites, small injuries, bruises, and other such issues. In fact, it helps you out instantly way faster than any medicine would. However, numbness from ice isn’t long-lasting and so this method shouldn’t be used before any time requiring procedures. Using ice is a very effective if short-term way to numb your skin without lidocaine

Another thing to take care of is the possibility of a frost burn. Frost burn happens when the tissue underneath the skin freezes. This is most common on fingers, toes, and other extremities. In such a case, warm the affected area with a hot compress. Patting the skin can also cause a temporary numbing in the skin. 



Apply Clove Oil

Other than ice, clove oil is also a very good way to numb your skin. According to research, clove oil acts like benzocaine, which is a medically recognized anesthetic. This research still needs development, however, cloves have been used as pain medication in natural remedies for a long time.  There are numerous other benefits of clove oil too. We recommend that you try the one mentioned below as it is completely natural. 

Where to Buy
Majestic Pure Clove Essential Oil
Bighture Aloe Vera Gel
Gya Labs Roman Chamomile Essential Oil
Medline ActivICE Cooling Spray

1. Majestic Pure Clove Essential Oil

Clove Oil 

If you want a ready numbing agent at home and lidocaine isn't the first choice, it should be clove oil. This one is specifically recommended for the fact that it is an Amazon’s Choice product which is an assuring factor about the quality and performance of this oil. There are no additives in this oil and it is undiluted making it 100% pure. 

Keep in mind that since it is completely pure, you shouldn't be consuming it in any way and it is recommended for external use only. Use a carrier oil if it itches. To make it easier for the users, this oil comes with a premium glass dropper as well which allows you to precisely apply the clove oil on the area you want to numb out. For sure, we believe it is going to be an instant pain reliever. Over 2500 users have been satisfied using this oil and we hope you do too. 


Use Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera gel can be used as a numbing cream as well. There are some homemade numbing creams online, which include grinding peppers in the gel. We don’t recommend this method, as peppers can seriously burn the skin. 

However, Aloe Vera is also used in sprays with multiple other anesthetics, available in the market. Apply a little Aloe Vera gel on any insect bite, rash, and sunburn. This will provide you relief against pain. Aloe Vera gel has several other benefits for human health and the body.

2. Bighture Aloe Vera Gel

Bighture Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera has been associated with skincare for a long time. Regardless of the fact that you need to numb your skin or not, routine use of aloe vera gel has various positive impacts on your skin making it silky smooth. This pack is one of the most organic ones in the market as it is pure aloe vera gel without any color, fragrance, or alcohol and is made from freshly-cut aloe vera plants. It can be used as a numbing and healing agent if you have undergone any kind of bruise or injury. 

People who have wrinkles on their skin would also find it quite useful. Most people do not have allergies to aloe vera but in case you do, we recommend you stop its usage. You can even use it in your hair as a natural hair conditioner. The best part is that even though it is a small and very cheap product, the company still offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee, 18 months warranty, and a 24 hours customer service.


Chamomile Oil

This essential oil has been linked to numbing, and pain relief by a recent study conducted in the year 2020. According to this research, chamomile oil penetrates the skin, causing a reduction in pain. While this may not be effective in large areas, or things that cause more stress, Chamomile Oil will help you against small insect bites, rashes, and other such irritations. All this makes chamomile oil another way to numb your skin without lidocaine

3. Gya Labs Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile -Essential Oil. 

Gya Labs is known for producing some of the best essential oils and this Chamomile Essential Oil is yet another great one. Not only can you use it as a numbing agent, but it can also relieve your stress mentally and provide you relaxation. For this reason, it is sometimes considered better than medication because it relieves you both, physically and mentally, unlike medicines, which only provide physical relief. 

Besides, other uses of the Chamomile Essential oil is that they can relieve dryness and redness of the skin while giving it a silky complexion. It is one of the most used oils when it comes to aromatherapy. Why should you buy it? Over 85,000 users have already tried it out and gave satisfactory responses which show that this is one essential oil that actually works. 


A Cooling Spray

There are cooling sprays available in the market which numb the skin for a few minutes. Ethyl chloride is sprayed onto the skin at high pressure. The ethyl chloride causes an instant drop in temperature on the skin. Athletes use these sprays quite often when they want to numb their skin after an injury and get back to the game.

The blood vessels in the skin shrink and blood flow stops which is why the skin goes numb. The numbing effect of the spray lasts till the entire liquid evaporates off. Once the skin starts to warm up, the numbing effect fades. 

This is normally given to people before piercings and injections. The spray should not be used very often, as it can cause frostbite if you use it excessively. If you need longer numbing, you should choose other methods, instead of spraying the liquid again. Also, consult your doctor before use if you are pregnant, or breastfeeding. 

4. Medline ActivICE Cooling Spray

Cold Spray for medical purposes. 

Cold sprays are available easily in the market but this one is a pretty great choice for the users. 

Medline ActivICE Cooling Spray is one of the best sprays in the market which can be used to numb your skin instantly and provide a cooling sensation. There are two variations available: one pack and three-pack. The three-pack offers you better value for the money and is a considerable item if you are buying for a whole family instead of just one person. 

This cooling spray provides relief to the muscles in case of any injury, arthritis, muscle aches, and associated back injuries as well. Since it is non-greasy and non-staining, you would find it a great choice for medical purposes. 8% Menthol solution is also included in this cold spray which is why it provides a long-lasting cold feeling. Since it has pharmaceutical-grade conditioners, you will find a soft and moisturized feeling. 


Topical Anesthetics Cream

There are some anesthetic creams easily available in the market which numb the skin. Some of the most common anesthetics in these creams are benzocaine, pramoxine, dibucaine, and tetracaine. Benzocaine is a component in Solarcaine, Dermoplast, and Lanacane. Pramoxine is used as the main anesthetic in Sarna Sensitive, Proctofoam, and Prax. Creams like Nupercainal, and Rectacaine, use dibucaine for their numbing effect. 

All of these are sold without prescriptions, so they are safe to apply. Read through the instructions that come with the cream carefully. These creams should all be applied about 15-30 minutes before any procedure you are about to undergo. Before the procedure, wipe the cream off. 

Always apply the cream to a small area. Applying it to a large area can increase the risk of large volume systemic absorption. The cream should not include a DMSO, which is an enhancer that delivers the cream's molecules right into the bloodstream. A lot of creams that come with a 10% concentration of these anesthetics include this enhancer. Creams with such large concentrations are not approved by the FDA so you should stay clear of these. 

Topical creams are a way of providing anesthesia. 

Do not apply the cream on any broken skin and consult a doctor before using them, if you're pregnant. If you feel any burning, wipe the cream off, and wash your skin with cold water. You should have it checked by a doctor as soon as possible. If you use the cream responsibly, they are a very effective way to numb your skin without lidocaine

Don't apply this cream for more than a week. If you experience any symptoms like a loss of vision, ringing in your ears, seizures, and confusion, you might have overdosed. Take yourself to the hospital or call an ambulance. 

Here are a few of the best and safest topical creams for numbing your skin - Strongest Lidocaine Cream OTC


Anesthetics Gels and Injections

These gels are very popular for application in the mouth. Normally prescribed to patients after dental procedures, or for severe toothaches, these gels should be applied to the gum according to the doctor's instructions. 

Injections of benzocaine and other anesthetics should only be administered by a medical professional. Even then, these should not be administered very frequently, since the effect of 1 injection can last for about 6 hours. 

Heart health. 

Things to Take Care of When Numbing the Skin

  • Don’t apply any numbing cream or gel over a large area.
  • Don’t use any topical numbing cream that has a concentration of 10%.
  • When using ice, keep the ice pack on the skin for about 15 minutes, then take it away, and let the skin warm for about 5 minutes. Reapply the ice pack. If you don’t let the skin warm, you run the risk of getting frostbite. 
  • Don’t reapply cooling sprays, or use them often, as they can give you frostbite too. 
  • Don’t apply any numbing creams, gels, or cooling spray to areas with sensitive skin, like the lips. You can use ice, Aloe Vera, and Chamomile Oil instead. All of these are also very effective ways to numb your skin without lidocaine
  • Don’t try to numb areas near the eyes. The nerve, and blood vessels there are sensitive and can be damaged. If you get any numbing cream in your eye, wash it out immediately. Also, have it checked by a doctor. 
  • Never administer any anesthetic injections yourself. 
  • Common symptoms of anesthetic overdose are tingling, increased heart rate, ringing in the ears, difficulty breathing, and dizziness. In case you experience any of these, call an ambulance immediately. 
  • Don’t use any chemical anesthetics, without a doctor’s prescription if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • If you are confused about whether to use lidocaine or not, here is important information to consider – When Should You Use Lidocaine? 


Lidocaine may be a very popular numbing agent on the market, however, there are other ways-both medical and natural- to numb your skin. Cold numbs the skin very fast, and so is very effective for pain relief. There are also a lot of over-the-counter topical numbing creams available, however, you should get a prescription if you have any prior health issues.