Knife Options for Elderly People

Living with or caring for the elderly requires being attentive on numerous fronts. You have to be careful about so many things. Older people often tend to lose their sense of direction or get confused quickly. Similarly, you might have your grandma at home who loves to cook food for everybody. On the other hand, several elderly couples are happy living on their own. In either case, the family or caretaker has to ensure all the sharp objects, such as knives or cutters, are kept away. 

Adaptive Kitchen Knives 

Thanks to innovative technology, some knives can do an excellent job of cutting and slicing in the kitchen and make a safe option for people with limited mobility. Muscle grip in the arms and wrists usually become unstable or weak in the later years of life. 

Adaptive knives are designed ergonomically to fit all the safety needs of the elderly. These knives perform no differently than the usual ones. However, they make chopping, cutting, or slicing easier for older people, along with being safe. 

Safety is not the only issue with the elderly using knives in the kitchen. Often, old age comes with problems, such as arthritis, that make it very difficult to hold onto the knife steadily and cut food items. Also, eating healthy is a must for all, especially in old age. Thus, it is best to use ergonomically designed knives or knife guards that make cutting, chopping, and slicing easier for elderly people.

Selecting Knives for the Elderly 

  • Make sure that the knife you are looking for is lightweight. People with weak muscles should exert less pressure on the knife.
  • Ensure that the knife you are selecting for your beloved senior has a large handle. Knives specially designed for old people or people with limited mobility have a long or vertical handle. A perpendicular handle makes the task at hand easier and effortless.
  • Special knives with a rounded blade with a vertical handle are designed to cut in a rocking motion. These knives are best suited for the elderly as cutting or chopping with a sliding back and forth motion does not go well with arthritis patients. 
  • Choosing the knife based on its blade is also an important factor. A serrated-edged knife is the best option for the elderly as it does not require much effort from the person using it. 
  • Purchasing knife guards or knife-safe gloves is also essential to ensure the safety of your beloved elderly. Sharp knives lower the risk of getting injured as they glide effortlessly through meat or veggies without much effort. 

Our Top Picks for Kitchen Knives

Where to Buy
Briggs Steak or Rocker Knife
Rehabilitation Advantage Easy Grip Rocker Knife
ABLE-T Right Angle Knife
Dexter-Russell Bread Knife
Etac-19013 Ergonomic Carving Knife
ZOCONE Finger Guard
XYJ Plastic Knife Edge Guards
Finger Guard for Cutting and Grating
Onion Holder Slicer

1. Briggs Steak or Rocker Knife

When you go to your favorite outlet for a family celebration or prepare a feast for the whole family for any occasion, you know the elderly in your family will require assistance in cutting their meat. We take several things for granted, such as effortlessly slicing meat, which is often tricky for elderly people. 

This steak knife cuts with swift rocking motions through all kinds of meat without requiring much effort. Your grandparents will never think about going back to the usual kitchen knives as this Briggs’ steak knife is designed with a solid ergonomic grip that enhances control. The vertical handle is non-slip and thus makes the best option for the elderly. 

2. Rehabilitation Advantage Easy Grip Rocker Knife

One of the top prerequisites of manufacturing cutlery or kitchen tools for the elderly or people with disabilities is to make it lightweight and firm grip. This rocker knife fulfills all the criteria. It has a long handle that is wide enough to fit your palm comfortably.

You can buy this for the people near and dear to you who have arthritis or any disability. The strong rubber grip with non-slip patterns helps reduce hand tremors while using the knife. The sharp edges slice through vegetables and meat easily, and you can cut them with a rocking motion. It is perfect for left and right-handed people.

3. ABLE-T Right Angle Knife

A certified occupational therapist designed this right-angle knife for people with limited mobility or muscle strength. It has a long, good grip handle set at 90°. Old age comes with several weak muscle or body strength issues, such as arthritis.

This knife with a handle set at the right angle works perfectly for elderly people. It fits the palm easily and cuts through things without much effort. The sharp blade also prevents cuts and injuries. It utilizes the rocking motion technique to cut meat, veggies, and fruits with little effort and danger.

4. Dexter-Russell Bread Knife

Among the several types of knives, a chef’s knife is the most used in everyday kitchen chores. Besides that, a bread or slicer knife also comes in handy. This bread knife by Dexter has a sharp serrated blade that requires minimum effort to cut through all the types of bread and buns. The soft yet sturdy handle of this knife is designed ergonomically to enhance the grip on the knife. 

It is the best-suited option for the elderly who wish to live independently. 

5. Etac-19013 Ergonomic Carving Knife

There is nothing better than having a knife that fits perfectly in your hand and cuts vegetables and meat without much effort. Knives with a long horizontal handle provide more grip and offer maximum control, and are more accessible for everyone to use.

However, when it comes to the elderly, the vertical or right-angled handle is better than the horizontal one. The angled handle makes the task easy for the elderly while keeping the wrist straight. The smooth curved handle of this knife enables the elderly to achieve maximum control.

6. ZOCONE Finger Guard

A finger guard is an excellent tool for keeping your senior’s fingers safe while slicing. The loop in this stainless steel finger guard fits most fingers perfectly. It can be used by right or left-handed people alike. 

Elderly people who find it challenging to protect their hands from minor cuts and bruises find this product extremely useful. Wearing this does not weigh your hand at all. It has a comfortable grip with an open-loop design. 

7. XYJ Plastic Knife Edge Guards

Sharp knives and tools are pretty dangerous with the elderly and children around. Thus, storing knives properly becomes mandatory. This value edge guard is also called the knife sheath. It comes in a set for knives of various sizes. 

It is made of high-quality ABS plastic, which is highly durable and long-lasting. While traveling, you can also use these edge guards to keep the knives intact so the blade does not hurt anyone. 

8. Finger Guard for Cutting and Grating

In addition to sharp knives, graters can also posit harm of injuries for the elderly. Grating veggies or cheese without wearing a finger guard is like waiting for accidents to happen. This grater by Safegrate protects not only your fingers but also your palm from cuts or bruises. 

Moreover, it also provides a firm grip on the cheese or veggies you want to grate. It is made of high-quality stainless steel that is rust and corrosion-free. From young kids to the elderly and from amateur to professional cooks, this stainless steel grater guard is the best option for ensuring everyone’s safety.

9. Onion Holder Slicer

This one’s another valuable and handy tool to make lives more manageable for the elderly living independently. It is a comb-like onion holder made of high quality, durable, and rust-proof stainless steel. You can use it for onions and other vegetables and cheese slabs.

It fixes in the vegetable or cheese slab and makes slicing effortless and safe. You can cut equal slices of veggies or cheese using this tool. It prevents the vegetables from slipping on the board and hurting your fingers. 


Everyone wants their beloved ones to be safe. Even if the elderly in your family choose to live independently, you should make a safe choice for them and get special ergonomically designed knives. This way, you can also be sure that they are safe in their homes and eating healthy by fixing a bowl of salad with minimal risks of injuries.

Adaptive kitchen knives and cutlery also make an excellent gift for your elderly family members. You can get them a serrated knife with a right-angled handle or a steak knife along with an edge guard.