Learn the Benefits of Bath Lifts and Bath Seats

Taking a bath can sometimes be a very difficult task or activity to do for seniors and patients with disabilities, as they would usually have weak or injured body parts that can make it painful and uncomfortable for them to stand or lie down for a long time in the shower or bathtub. Fortunately, there are two items that they can use to have a more comfortable time bathing, and these two items are called the bath lift and the bath seat. Here is everything you need to know about bath lift and bath seats and their benefits.

What are Bath Lifts and Bath Seats?

elderly woman sitting on a bath seat

Bath lifts and bath seats are two devices that are utilized to provide seniors and patients with disabilities a comfortable seat while they are taking a bath in the shower or bathtub. The bath seat looks like an ordinary chair made of plastic and metal at first glance, but it is specifically designed to be used in bathrooms because of its adjustable legs that can be customized based on the length of the patient’s legs and the length of the bathtub’s sides, and its rubber-tipped ends that allow it to stay in place even on slippery surfaces.

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On the other hand, the bath lift doesn’t have the normal legs that bath seats or other types of chairs have. Instead, the bath lift has a lifting mechanism that allows the device to move up or down. So, if a patient wants to soak their body in the bathtub, he or she can just adjust the mechanism on the bath lift so that the seat will move down. Then, once the patient is done bathing, he or she can just lift the seat up using the mechanism and comfortably get out of the bathtub through the sturdy plastic flaps that are on the sides of the seat.

The bath seat is considered to be the more versatile device out of the two, as it can also be used in showers or in almost any area of the bathroom. Meanwhile, the bath lift can only be used in the bathtub, as its lifting mechanism is made to fit bathtubs.

What are the Benefits of Using Bath Lifts and Bath Seats?

Bath lifts and bath seats are two of the most useful devices for the elderly and people with disabilities. So, it is normal for these two items to have numerous benefits. Here are the things you need to know about the benefits of using bath lifts and bath seats.

Can Provide a Comfortable Seat

comfortable bath seat

One of the main reasons why caregivers and people that have elderly loved ones and patients buy bath lifts and bath seats is because these devices can provide a comfortable seat for seniors that would most likely have a difficult time standing in the shower or sitting on the hard surface of the bathtub. Bath seats and bath lifts have seats that are made of comfortable plastic, so the senior or patient who is going to sit on these devices will not experience any pain or discomfort. If you are taking care of a patient who finds it difficult to transfer from one place to another, such as from bed to chair, they may benefit from using patient lifts. You can learn more about these by reading our Guide to Selecting Patient Lifts.

Can Help Avoid Slipping

The bathroom is arguably one of the slipperiest areas in the house, so it is important for caregivers or loved ones to make the bathroom less slippery for the elderly. One of the best ways to prevent the elderly from slipping is to offer them a seat that doesn’t move at all, even if it is placed on a slippery surface. The bath seat is perfect for providing both comfort and safety for the elderly or people with disabilities, as it gives a comfortable seat while also having sturdy rubber-tipped legs to prevent it from moving.

Can Prevent Leg and Foot Pain

simple bath seat

Standing for a long time can already cause leg and foot pain for adults, so for the elderly that have weak legs and feet, the pain would most likely be higher compared to what we feel. To prevent leg and foot pain, caregivers should have bath seats or bath lifts ready so that elderly patients will be able to have something to sit on while taking a shower, which would often take about 15 to 30 minutes to accomplish. By having something to sit on, the legs and feet of the elderly will be able to rest.

Can Make It Easier for Caregivers to Assist Patients

Bath seats and bath lifts are also beneficial for caregivers, as these devices make it easier for caregivers to assist patients when it comes to bathing. The bath seats and bath lifts provide elevations, which can then help caregivers be in a more comfortable position while assisting a patient in taking a bath or shower.

With a bath seat and bath lift, the caregiver doesn’t have to bend down on the side of the bathtub if the patient is sitting on the surface of the tub, and bending down can cause back pain. In addition, the caregiver doesn’t need to stand up while the patient is taking a shower, as he or she can also take a seat using another slip-resistant chair. So, pain in the back, legs, and feet for the caregiver can also be avoided when there are bath seats and bath lifts available in the bathroom.

These are just some of the best information we can offer about bath seats and bath lifts and their numerous benefits. Buy the sturdiest and most comfortable bath seats and bath lifts for a hassle-free experience for you (as a caregiver or a loved one) and the elderly patient.

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