Simple Christmas Crafts for Seniors and Elderly


As an older adult, crafting is an interesting and enjoyable hobby. Making crafts results in more than just wonderful presents for cherished family members—it also has several positive health effects. Playing with your favorite Christmas crafts by hand is a great way to maintain mental acuity, develop motor skills, lessen anxiety, and experience feelings of pride and self-worth.

Additionally, older people who practice crafts like knitting and pottery have a lower risk of mild cognitive impairment. So why are you still waiting? Check out these easy Christmas crafts for seniors and the elderly. 

Simple Christmas Crafts for Seniors and Elderly 

Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree Ornament

You can make snowflakes out of pretty cupcake liners by folding them into star shapes or cutting out holes in a symmetrical pattern and then hanging them from the Christmas tree. If you want to make something more substantial, try using a coffee filter that has been painted or colored in.

Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Female hands hanging handmade decorations on Christmas tree. Sustainable Christmas, zero waste, eco-friendly

Anyone who has seen them has remarked on how adorable they appear, and now you can make them for yourself! Make the tree’s trunk out of a bottle of cork, paint the pine cones green, and sprinkle glitter on them.

Sock Snowman Holiday Theme Decoration

snowman handmade from sock for Christmas decoration

Creating a snowman out of supplies that are likely already lying around your home is an easy way to add some holiday cheer. The only things you will need for this project are some pretty and festive socks from a dollar store, rice (or lentils or beans), rubber bands, twine, and buttons for the eyes.

Hot Cocoa Christmas Decorations

Everyone enjoys a steaming cup of hot chocolate during the holiday season. Fill the cups with brown tissue paper and display them after folding the paper into cups and painting them in festive colors. When you add marshmallows shaped like cotton balls to the mix, you’ll have the perfect ornament for your Christmas tree.

Peanut Snowmen Christmas Ornaments

You’ve probably never considered it before, but the results are adorable. Paint shelled peanuts white, make scarves out of red string, and make hats out of different colored tissue paper.

Concertina Christmas Tree Holiday Decorations

Turn the green paper upside down after folding it into a concertina shape to resemble a fan. To make the ornaments, cut out circles, and add a gold star to the top.

Personalized Stocking for the Holiday Season

Knitted Christmas stockings on white wooden background - holiday gift giving

Knit Christmas stockings for your family members and personalize them with their initials, felt cutouts, and festive stickers for that special touch.

Button Holiday Crafts

Christmas tree shapes cut from paper should be painted or colored brown and green. Use buttons as ornaments and add glitter or stars for the finishing touch.

Coat Hanger Angel Fun Holiday Crafts

Make homemade ornaments out of your old coat hangers to reuse them. Fold the wire into the desired shape, then give the figures felt wings and clothing.

A Gratitude-Inspired Holiday Decoration

The holidays are an opportunity to reflect and express gratitude for what we have. A tree, a massive snowflake, a snowman, an angel, or any other holiday symbol can be created. Encourage loved ones to attach notes about their gratitude to the gratitude ornament.

Personalized Christmas Cards

For each of your loved ones, use pictures or draw the symbols you associate with Christmas. Incorporate their name and a personalized message on the front.

Dried Orange and Spice Christmas Ornaments

Female hands hanging dried orange slices on Christmas tree. Christmas preparation, zero waste, natural decor, aromatherapy

If you have a dehydrator, use it to dry orange slices on low heat in the oven for the entire night. For a lovely Christmas decoration that looks fantastic and smells festive, pin it with cloves and tie it to a cinnamon stick.

Paper and Pipe Cleaner Angel Ornaments

A cute way to glam up paper ornaments is with pipe cleaners. Use gold and silver pipe cleaners for the wings and clothing, and cut paper into angel shapes.

Mason Jar Snowman Lights

In a mason jar, place a flameless tealight, glue the exterior, and then cover it with fake snow. For the ultimate holiday luminary, add button eyes and pom-pom ears. You can also tie a small scarf around it.

Felted Acorns

Christmas tree with vintage acorns and baubles with golden lights close up. Modernly decorated Christmas tree branches with stylish ornaments in a festive room. Winter holidays, atmospheric time

Real acorn shells can be transformed into a sweet holiday decoration by adding vibrant mini pom-poms. Use as hanging tree ornaments or put in a bowl.

Layered Felt Christmas Trees

Layered felt trees are wonderful crafts for senior citizens that appear sophisticated and difficult to make, but are surprisingly simple. Simply cut out circles from felt, fold them in half, and center each one with a dot of glue. Next, fold the circle once more. Use a wooden ball as the base and repeat with four or five layers.

Pop-Up Snowman Fun Holiday Crafts

Snowmen are sad because they all eventually melt. These pop-up snowmen are incredibly simple to make and will last the entire holiday season. Simply cut out circles from white cards, adhere them with craft tape, and hang them with pretty white ribbons.

Crochet-Look Tin Can Snowmen and Christmas Tree Crafts

Another lavish-looking craft that is simpler than it appears to be. A tin can appear to have been crocheted when it is wrapped in high-quality yarn. Use green yarn for trees and white yarn for snowmen, adding buttons and pins for finishing touches.

Crafted Stick Gingerbread Houses

Christmas Gingerbread House with Window Xmas Lights over shining Garland. Winter Holiday Ginger Bread Cake with White Sweet Icing over Dark Fantasy unfocused Background. Merry Christmas Card Design

Making gingerbread houses is a Christmas tradition that you can continue with your décor. Make hanging houses that will last the duration of winter using beads, craft sticks, and white and red twine.

Flowerpot Santa in the Chimney

A flowerpot can be painted to resemble a chimney. The bottom half of Santa can then be created using felt, craft sticks, and a foam ball. Put him in the chimney upside down, place a bag of miniature presents next to him, and watch as kids and adults alike are delighted.


Christmas crafts are a wonderful way to add your creative flair to a holiday celebration for seniors and the elderly. Gather some friends for a festive afternoon of crafting fun using these simple Christmas crafts.