The Benefits of Using Neck Pillows and Supporters

The neck is one of the parts of our body that experiences frequent pain. Our neck provides support to our head, and when we have bad posture or move our head a lot, there is a high chance that we will experience neck pain. Another way we can get neck pain is by sleeping with our neck tilted to the side, as this position can overstretch some muscles in the neck, which can then develop into pain and soreness.

If you are the type of person that falls asleep easily, even if you are sitting on a chair, couch, or sofa, then you most likely need a neck pillow or supporter so that your neck won’t tilt to the side and cause pain. If you want to know more about neck pillows and supporters, here is a basic guide to their benefits.

What are Neck Pillows and Supporters?

blue neck pillow

Neck pillows and supporters are items that are specifically used to provide support for the neck so that it won’t tilt to the side. They are usually placed on the back of the neck, and the sides of the pillow or supporter are located conveniently on the sides of the neck. There are different types of neck pillows and supporters that you can buy today, and some of the most popular types are:

  • Cotton Neck Pillow – the most affordable type that is filled with cotton inside. The cotton neck pillow provides ample support for the neck, although it would bottom out fast since it is made from a very soft material, so it most likely won’t support your neck for a long time.
  • Memory Foam Neck Pillow – this neck pillow is made from memory foam, which is a denser material than cotton that forms the shape of your neck. Because of its form-fitting capabilities, the memory neck pillow provides optimal support for your neck.
  • Inflatable Neck Pillow – this type of neck pillow has air inside it, although you would first have to fill it with air since it usually comes deflated in stores. The inflatable neck pillow can be the most rigid supporter for the neck if it is filled with a lot of air, so your neck will have less tilt when you put your head on this neck pillow. However, the inflatable neck pillow will deflate over time, so it won’t offer the same level of rigid support after a few hours.
  • Neck Pillow Hoodie – this neck pillow has a hood sewn onto it, and this hood can be used to block sunlight when you want to sleep outdoors in the morning, or it can also be used to make your head feel warmer while sleeping in colder temperatures.

These different types of neck pillows and supporters have their own pros and cons, so picking a specific type would rely on which one you think has pros that outweigh its cons. The memory foam neck pillow is arguably the most popular option, as it offers sufficient support while being very comfortable. However, the other types can also be great, depending on the specific level of support you want to have for your neck.

What are the Benefits of Neck Pillows and Supporters?

Neck pillows and supporters are very popular today due to the benefits that they provide to users. Here are the benefits of using neck pillows and supporters.

Can Prevent Neck Pain

using a neck pillow in a plane

Obviously, the biggest benefit of neck pillows and supporters is their ability to prevent neck pain by offering support to the neck. Neck pain can often bring discomfort for a person, and this discomfort can lead to the person not being able to do the activities that he or she would normally do throughout the day. By using a neck pillow or supporter, you will be able to prevent yourself from feeling discomfort and pain in your neck so that you will have a hassle-free and pain-free experience working, studying, or doing other activities.

Can Improve Your Posture While Sleeping

If you are experiencing neck pain, even if you are lying down in bed, then a neck pillow or supporter may help in preventing neck pain while also improving your posture while sleeping. Putting a neck pillow under your neck will allow the upwards curve of your neck to have support, which is sometimes not present in regular pillows.

By having support on your neck while lying down, your posture will improve since your neck wouldn’t have to be straight and cause your head to tilt downwards or towards your chest, thus causing bad sleeping posture.

Can Help Prevent a Stiff Neck

using a neck pillow in a car

Besides regular neck pain, neck pillows and supporters can also help in preventing a stiff neck, which is a condition wherein your neck is sore and has difficulty moving. One of the causes of a stiff neck is sleeping in an uncomfortable position, and this typically happens when you let your neck tilt to the side while sleeping on a chair or couch. With a neck pillow, you will prevent your neck from tilting to the side whenever you want to sleep while sitting.

For those that are experiencing chronic neck pain, the neck pillows and supporters are some of the best products that they can try out. If you are one of those people that suffer from a lot of pain in the neck, check out the best neck pillows on the market and try them out to see if they are really effective in alleviating neck pain.

There are also neck pillows that work as neck massagers at the same time, which helps in relieving muscle tension and provides relaxation. Learn more about these in our Guide to Choosing the Right Neck Massager.