Top 5 Best Pain Relief Creams For Back Pain

No one wants to experience back pain. If you have ever experienced back pain before then you understand all too well the crippling effects it can have on your energy and mobility. There are numerous treatments on the market for back pain and for good reason. Back pain is one of the most common conditions people experience in their lives. Understandably most people want the best pain relief cream for back pain they can get.

Back pain typically originates from the ligaments,  tendons and the intricate network of the lower back muscles. Most of the time pains in the back are temporary and are nothing to be worried about. Lifestyle tweaks and changes such as fixing posture or moderate exercise can prevent back pain in the future but in the meantime, pain relief cream can greatly help.

Listed here are the best pain relief creams for back pain.

Where to Buy
Sombra Warm Therapy Natural Pain Relieving Gel, 8-Ounce
Biofreeze Arthritis Pain Relief Gel, Fast Acting, Long Lasting, & Powerful Topical Pain Reliever, 4 oz
Topricin Pain Relief Therapy Cream (8 oz) Fast Acting Pain Relieving Rub
Outback Pain Relief Roll-On Oil 50mL (1.69 fl oz) - All Natural Topical Oil Pain Reliever
Penetrex Joint & Muscle Therapy, 2 Oz Cream – Intensive Concentrate for Relief & Recovery

Samba Warm Therapy

Samba Warm Therapy is a fantastic gel for treating soreness, aching and nerve pain in the lower back. This gel uses completely natural ingredients and due to its strong potency, the gel works quickly and effectively.

The gel has a unique warming and cooling effect. It is similar to icy-hot in a sense that when it is first applied it creates a cooling sensation followed by a warming sensation soon after. As a result, Somba warm therapy dulls the pain receptors.

To apply the gel simply scoop some out with your fingers and rub it into the area of pain. From there the gel absorbs through the top layer of the skin. The gel then can rejuvenate some of the deeper tissue and ligaments that often cause back pain. In turn, the gel promotes increased mobility and flexibility.

Although its not as important, this gel also has one of the best scents of any other pain relieving products on the market. It smells sort of like a warm glass of orange juice which gives it brownie points in my opinion.

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Biofreeze Pain Relief GelBiofreeze-Pain-Relief-Gel


Biofreeze Pain Relief Gel is also an excellent choice to treat back pain. This pain relief gel is a particularly good choice if you live an active lifestyle since it is highly recommended by chiropractors and personal trainers. It is claimed to also be the most clinically recommended topical analgesic.

Professionals in the fitness industry largely use Biofreeze for pains and irritations that prevent you from exercising. Athletic trainers, podiatrists, physical therapists, and chiropractors use Biofreeze for quick acting pain relief for their clients suffering from back pain. Therefore if you exercise a fair amount of work in the labor industry and suffer from back pain, this gel might be worth a shot.

With an emphasis on good quality ingredients, Biofreeze uses powerful natural extracts to formulate its gel. Interestingly enough, Biofreeze also has a powerful cooling effect much like samba warm therapy that relieves the muscles and ligaments of stress.

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Topricin Pain Relief Therapy Cream


Topricin Pain Relief therapy cream is great because it can be used for just about any condition of stress or pain. This includes conditions such as heel spurs, soreness, tendonitis, arthritis, and most importantly, back pain.

Topricin has 11 natural biomedicines which makes it an extremely versatile compound. Topricin can be used for a variety of aches and pains from bed sores to muscle aches. In combination, these 11 biomedicines can effectively treat the inflammation which is often the source of back pain. This makes the healing process as swift and efficient as possible.

In addition, this pain reliever is great for anyone who might be worried about medicine interfering with other medication. Topricin has very few side effects if any that interfere with other medications which make it a sound alternative for individuals who can’t take oral pain medications due to the side effects.

The ingredients, in addition, are great quality. Although its not the cheapest stuff, its made in the USA without fillers or additives.

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Outback Pain Relief



Outback Pain Relief is another great treatment for backaches and soreness. Known for its unique Australian blend of ingredients, this pain reliever uses only the purest substances nature has to offer.

This pain reliever actually only consists of five ingredients in total. These ingredients include blue mallee, eucalyptus oil, olive oil, vanilla, and Australian tea tree oil. When used together, these ingredients create a strong bond that has been utilized by the native Australians for generations to reduce inflammation.

Outback pain relief also provides some of the most long-lasting pain relief out of some of the most popular pain relief products. Most pain relief products only last about an hour before the effects begin to wear off. However, on the other hand, outback pain relief keeps some users feeling pain-free all day long.

The product comes in the form of a stick so it can be rolled on the area of pain as freely as you want. From there just give it a few minutes to set in and work its healing magic.

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Penetrex Pain Relief Therapy


Penetrex Pain Relief Therapy

Penetrex Pain Relief Therapy is one of the top pain relief creams you can get. You can use Penetrex for back pain resulting from inflammation of tendons, ligament, and muscles.

This particular gel is different in the sense that you don’t need to apply as much as your condition improves. For this reason, the formula is one of the most sought after in the pain relief industry. As you continue to apply the cream, you need to use less and less to get the same pain relieving effects. In turn, this is why many claim it to provide “effective relief”.

To apply this gel you can scoop as much as you want out of the container and rub it onto your skin. It isn’t necessary to massage it into the skin but it always helps. In addition, there is also a 100 percent money back guarantee if it so happens to not work for you.

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All in all, the best pain relief cream for back pain for you is likely one of the above. I hope this post helped!

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