What are Big Dial Phones and What are Their Benefits?

There are certain tasks and activities we normally do as adults that are now very difficult for elderly people to accomplish, and one of these tasks is making a phone call on the telephone. For the elderly, memorizing phone numbers is already challenging, and making a phone call using a smartphone or a telephone can just make the tasks harder if the number pad or dial on the phone is too small.

When the numbers are small, the elderly will have difficulties seeing the numbers because of their weaker vision, and it would also be hard for them to push the small buttons if they don’t have ample control of their weaker arms and hands. Fortunately, there is a solution to get rid of these difficulties, and this solution comes in the form of a big dial phone. To learn more about this calling device, here is a simple guide to big dial phones and their benefits.

What are Big Dial Phones?

number pad on a telephone

The big dial phone is a type of telephone that has a big dial or number pad, which makes it easier for a person to see and push the numbers. Although the elderly are the ones that greatly benefit from big dial phones, these devices can be used by anyone, from kids to adults. Big dial phones are useful for people that have poor eyesight, as these will allow them to make a phone during emergency situations where they are unable to put on their eyeglasses.

Besides having big number pads or dials, big dial phones would also have an amplified sound, meaning that the sound that it creates can be heard even by those that have poor hearing, a condition that is common among seniors. This amplified sound can dictate the number that is pushed by the user, and it can also make the sound of incoming calls louder. If there are incoming calls, the bright LED of the big dial phones would also start flashing lights to visually alert a senior or other people inside a house or facility.

What are the Different Types of Big Dial Phones?

There are a few types of big dial phones that we should talk about in order for you to determine which specific phone is suitable for your elderly patient or loved one. So, let us already go into detail about the different types of big dial phones you can check out.

Corded Big Dial Phone

elderly woman using a telephone

The corded big dial phone is connected to a Wi-Fi router or a dial-up modem through a cable. The distance that you can take the corded big dial phone away from the router or modem depends on how long the cable is.

The advantage of corded big dial phones is that they are affordable, so they are suitable for caregivers or family members that don’t have a big budget to buy everything that their elderly patients or loved ones need at home or in the facility. However, the disadvantage to using corded big dial phones is that they would always need to be connected to a router or modem, so you cannot bring them anywhere.

Cordless Big Dial Phone

The cordless big dial phone is able to connect to a Wi-Fi router or dial-up modem without the need for a cable, and this is made possible by a wireless transmitter that is installed in the phone. The cordless big dial phone is arguably the most popular out of all big dial phone types in the market, as it is easy to set up and use. But, the only downside to this type of big dial phone is that it is slightly more expensive than the corded type, although it is significantly more convenient to use.

Big Dial Smartphone

smartphone used by an elderly woman

The big dial smartphone may look like an ordinary modern phone at first glance, but the difference will be noticeable once you actually turn on this type of big dial phone. The big dial smartphone features big fonts and numbers that make it easier for elderly people to see and push different buttons on the touchscreen.

Unlike the cordless phone that connects to the Wi-Fi router, the big dial smartphone is connected to the actual Wi-Fi network itself, much like what smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices do to connect online. The big dial smartphone is a convenient phone to use for the elderly, although they would need to learn how to use a touchscreen phone in order to properly use the device.

What are the Benefits of Big Dial Phones?

telephone cord

Big dial phones have two major benefits, and these benefits are connected to how easy it is for elderly people to make and answer calls.

Make Calls with Ease

Of course, the biggest benefit of big dial phones is their big number pad or dial, which would then make it easier for people to push the buttons or numbers that they need to make a phone call. What’s great about some of the best big dial phones on the market is that they produce a large sound that can dictate the number you just pressed, so you will have confirmation if you did input the correct phone number.

Easy to Spot Incoming Calls

Big dial phones, as we have mentioned previously, can also make it easy for people to spot incoming calls. The loud sound that big dial phones can be heard almost anywhere at home or in the nursing facility, so incoming calls will be heard by anyone in the area. In addition, there are also LED lights on big dial phones that will flash bright lights that people in the room will clearly see, especially at night.

Big dial phones are important devices that elderly patients should have access to, as these phones would allow them to call their loved ones easily whenever they need someone to talk to besides their caregivers. Have a big dial phone installed in the elderly patient’s room so that he or she can easily get to the phone to make or answer calls.

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