What are the Benefits of Fidget Quilts?

There are many products or items that can entertain both the elderly and younger people, and one of the best products for them to enjoy is the fidget quilt. The fidget quilt is a type of blanket that is usually smaller in size compared to most blankets, but what makes them fun is the number of decorations that are sewn on top of them, and these decorations can be played with by moving a specific part or by simply touching a decoration. To know more, here are the main benefits of fidget quilts.

Can Help Pass the Time for the Elderly

patchwork quilt

While many people think that fidget quilts are only made for children, these fun blankets can also be enjoyed by the elderly. In fact, fidget quilts can be a great product that can help pass the time for the elderly. Whenever senior citizens or older adults don’t do anything in the house or in a retirement home, they are prone to thinking too much, which can develop into anxiety or depression. 

In order to combat negative thoughts, its helps to distract the elderly by doing hobbies. Unfortunately, a lot of the elderly are limited in what hobbies they can do, so one option for them to pass the time is by playing with fidget quilts, toys, and other items that can entertain them even when they are sitting or lying on a sofa or bed. Fidget quilts usually have enough decorations and activities to keep the elderly occupied for a few hours.

Allows the Hands of the Elderly to Continue Moving

The hands of the elderly that are not used as often are usually more prone to getting arthritis and other hand-related diseases. While hand exercises are more effective in preventing arthritis, a lot of elderly people or senior citizens don’t really have the time or the energy anymore. So, the best and most convenient way for the elderly to keep their hands moving is by doing fun activities, which include touching and moving objects and decorations on a fidget quilt.

The fidget quilt is a fun way for the elderly to stimulate the muscles and bones in their hands, and they wouldn’t even realize that they are already getting exercise by simply playing on a fidget quilt. You should get fidget quilts that allow them to use their hands in a variety of ways, like twisting, grabbing, sliding, and more, so that every muscle and bone on their hands would be stimulated.

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Can Help Stimulate the Brain

quilt patches

Besides getting their hands stimulated, fidget quilts can also help the elderly stimulate their brain. There are certain fidget quilts that have decorations or activities that require a little bit of problem-solving. These activities include math-related problems like adding or subtracting specific objects on the quilt and even mazes that have starting and finishing lines. 

So, through fidget quilts, the elderly can keep their brains stimulated, which can then help in preventing or slowing down Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, fidget quilts can also help in slowing down cognitive degeneration, an impairment that prevents the elderly from thinking and remembering.

Fidget Quilts Promote Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination is a skill that can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and other illnesses that impairs our memory and thinking. With proper hand-eye coordination, our brain would work overtime to ensure that our hands work as quickly or as efficiently as our eye sees. For example, whenever you play a video game, the nerves in your eyes would send signals to your brain, and these signals would then be sent to the nerves in your hands. The signals can then allow you to move your avatar or character in the game efficiently, especially when there is an obstacle that you need to avoid or pass through.

With the help of a fidget quilt, the elderly will be able to practice and retain their hand-eye coordination. Many elderly people today have deteriorating hand-eye coordination, as the signals sent by the nerves and our brain slows down over time. [1] So, to prevent the deterioration of the said skills, they should continue using their eyes and their hands by doing different activities like playing with fidget quilts or doing other hobbies.

Fidget Quilts Can Help Calm Down the Elderly

colorful quilt

Fidget quilts are helpful when it comes to reducing stress and anxiety for the elderly. The activities and decorations sewn onto the fidget quilts are very calming and relaxing to play and look at, so the elderly will surely feel at peace whenever they are staring at or moving objects on the quilt. 

There are many elderly people who suffer from stress and anxiety, as they would often feel frustrated and afraid about their condition and how they are helpless in accomplishing certain tasks or chores. So, to ease their stress, anxiety, and sadness, you should give them many fidget quilts that they can enjoy playing with at any time and any place. They can also use the quilts as a blanket that can provide warmth and comfort whenever they are sleeping or resting.

Those are some of the benefits that the elderly can get by simply playing and having fun with fidget quilts. If you also have children at home, you can also get them several fidget quilts, as they would also enjoy playing with the different activities and decorations sewn onto the colorful quilts.

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