What is a chair alarm and how does it work?

There was a time when attendants seldom vacated the beds of their patients or loved ones who were sick. Countless nights were spent being wide-awake, alert for any sign of movement by the patient. Being a caregiver or nurse is not easy, that is why chair alarm technology has evolved to control your situation till a certain level.

What is a chair alarm? 

Chair alarms are personal alarms that can monitor the condition of the patient 24/7. These devices are mostly clipped onto the patient’s clothing and alert the caregiver of every movement. These alarms are either corded or wireless. Fall prevention has become so much easier through the usage of these pressure sensing alarms.

How does it work? 

Mostly, the system includes an alarm with a cord that connects to the patient. Alarm setting depends on each model, and is mostly adjustable. These devices make a good investment for patients with severe mental issues or very old people who need constant care and surveillance.

We have made a list of economical but excellent alarm devices that you can order online:

Where to Buy
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SMART CAREGIVER TL-5102MP Motion Sensor And Pager
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Patient Aid Pull Alarm

This alarm is suitable for patients who are unable to signal the caregiver. Whenever the person tries to get up or move, the alarm will go off. Setting it up takes seconds. You clip the pulling cord to your patient and attached the magnetic battery holder to the u-shaped bracket. Make sure you clip the cord away from the reach of the patient.

This alarm has 3 setup options for variety of usages. You can either put it on the chair, hook it on a loop or mount it on the wall bracket. It also has rubber cover for shock prevention. Even if the apparatus falls, the rubber will prevent breakage. Settings include volume and alarm sounds.

Magnetic Chair Alarm

This alarm is magnetically activated and one of the economical models in the market. Moreover, hospitals and clinics can utilize it in various settings like wheelchair, lounge chairs or geri-chairs. The cord of this alarm is long and flexible and clip-on for patient’s clothing. Simply use the hook and loop attachment to any chair and set up is complete.

The alarm has a multidirectional switch and comes with a battery set. Cord length is adjustable.

Sammons Preston Alarm

Sammons Preston is a leading company in patient aid products like the wheelchair alarm. This alarm has a spring loaded clip which attaches to the chair and a clip-on cord that attached to the patient’s clothes. The alarm uses magnetic setting which triggers as soon as the patient tries to leave the chair or stand up.

There is a red light that flashes when alarm goes off or when the battery is low. The plastic system is durable and reliable, and battery will not fall out even when the machine drops to the floor. Volume settings from high to low are available in the alarm.

Secure MAG 3 Alarm

This alarm also uses magnetic pulling tab to attach to a bed or wheelchair. It is excellent for hospitals and homes where patient’s wandering is imminent. The patient can’t turn the alarm volume on/off, and volume levels can be adjusted as per necessity.

The alligator clip of the alarm secures tightly to any clothing so it does not come off if the patient tries ro jerk it off. The set includes batteries and has a light bar that signals low battery signal. Do not use this alarm for people with pacemakers.

Smart caregiver

This device is a caregiver’s best bet at monitoring their patient. It is a pack of pager and motion sensor that can alert you if a change happens around the patient. Instead of sounding a loud alarm, this motion sensor will page you instantly to update about the patient’s whereabouts.

Clip the sensor inside the pocket or unreachable area of the patient. It can also be placed on the bed to prevent falling. Batteries are not included with both the devices.

OKSLO Chair Alarm

This set of pressure sensing alarm is actually a 12 inches by 12 inches pad that can be placed on the chair surface. It has an anti-microbial and non-sensitive to skin cover. The pad attaches with cord to an alarm monitor.

It has an ultra thin design that does not annoy the patient. Volume can be adjusted in the device and batteries are included in the set.

Sensatech Fall Monitor

This is an advanced fall monitor that needs to connect to a sensor pad to function. The device in itself includes adjustable volume settings, eight melodies for alarms and option to record a 10-second voice of the caregiver.

It can be easily attached to chairs, beds or recliners. Please buy a chair pad separately to set the alarm.


Wheelchair alarms are great if

  • You live with an older adult who can’t take care of themselves anymore
  • You are a caregiver to a patient with severe mental disorders and forgetfulness
  • You are tending to a patient who can wander or leave the chair/bed if left unattended

It will make life easier for you and your team and you can perform your duty in a better way. with so many options available, you can decide if you want a wireless option, a no-sound option or a long-corded option. We hope this post helps you in making the right choice.

And if you’re looking for additional ways to keep your loved ones from falling, check out our detailed post on the best bed alarms to buy in 2019. In fact, why not use a combination of both chair and bed alarms to provide a bigger safety net for the fall-prone elderlies? Not only will your loved ones acknowledge your actions, but you’ll also have a peace of mind knowing that an alert will go off when there’s an emergency.