What to Do About a Soft Mattress?

You come home after a long tiring day and jump to bed as your tedious day rescue. We all know the wholesome feeling of diving deep into bed, but if you are sinking way too much – well, it might not be the best-case scenario. Undoubtedly, sleep plays a huge role in maintaining good health and overall wellness. Sleep deprivation is closely associated with multiple health and mental issues, such as diabetes, cardiovascular issues, obesity, depression, as well as skincare issues.

However, do you know what arguably affects your good night’s sleep? Well, it is the quality of your mattress. Yes, you read that right! Your mattress is much more than a regular bedroom accessory. Your quality night’s sleep highly depends on a good mattress. 

But What Exactly Makes A Good Mattress? 

Choosing the perfect mattress is surely a big deal as you must consider your sleep position, sleep cycle, body type, firmness, and proper alignment before making the final purchase. Your mattress should be firm enough to provide proper posture while soft enough to be comfortable. 

How to Know If Your Mattress is Too Soft?

The major question is, how can you know if your mattress is too soft or too hard? Well – your health and overall wellness is the basic answer here. Starting from muscle stiffness, to lower back pain to body pain, these are some of the signs that your mattress is too soft. 

Let’s discuss the consequences of a soft mattress in detail. 

  • It’s Hard for You to Get Comfortable.

Do you ever find yourself tossing and turning way too much? It is a sign of poor sleep health. Along with depression and anxiety, a soft mattress can lead to severe insomnia as well. They often say, your mattress plays an important role in determining whether you are comfortable or not. More or less, if you find yourself uncomfortable at night, despite whatever position you choose, it might be a key sign that your mattress is too soft. 

  • You Wake Up Uneasy With Sore Muscles And Back Pain

One of the key signs that you must change your mattress immediately because it’s way too soft is uneasiness in the morning, sore muscles, and lower back pain. After you have been in bed for a prolonged period of time, you will end up having these symptoms. If these pains and aches are common – it is most likely that your bed is the problem. 

  • You Often Wake Up With Shoulder Or Neck Pain

Neck and shoulder pain can be due to other unhealthy sleeping habits as well, such as sleeping on your stomach. Stomach sleepers naturally end up with stomach and shoulder pain as this position puts too much pressure on your jaw, neck, and upper back. However, if you are not a casual stomach sleeper but still experience neck and shoulder pain, it is also a sign that your mattress is the problem. 

What to do about a Soft Mattress & How to make it Firm?

The definition of a perfect mattress can vary from person to person; however, in simpler terms, a perfect mattress is the one which is not too firm or not too soft – it is just perfect. 

Wondering about buying a new mattress? Before you go for the big purchase, follow the steps mentioned below. These are some of the ideas and tricks you can try to make your existing mattress more supportive and comfy.

  • Try a Mattress Topper for Your Bed

If you are familiar with the term plush mattress – it has quilting under its surface fabric and is softer than extra-firm alternatives or simple firm mattresses. Let’s talk about the opposite of it; there are a lot of mattress toppers that will just do the right job for you. 

You need to look for a mattress topper that is about 2 inches thicker, the more the number of inches, the more dense and firm it will feel. 

  • Try To Flip Your Mattress

Some people try to flip their mattresses in order to make them firmer, as the unused side can be harder or softer – based upon the distinguishing features of the brand. Different type of flippable mattress is available in the market, which comes with two sides and can be used both the ways. 

If one side is way too soft for you, you can flip it to the other side, which will be firmer and sturdier than the opposite side. There is no harm in trying; you can flip your mattress and see if that’s the case, which is hurting your back. 

  • Replace or Add Plywood Support

Another cool trick to make your mattress softer is to add plywood directly under it; you can add it near the box spring, or between mattress bed frames if you don’t have it. It will make the base supportive and add a little firmness to your bed. 

However, you must check the features and configuration as some brands recommend not to use plywood under your mattress so the materials can breathe from the bottom. 

  • Monitor Your Room’s Thermostat

One of the essential things you need to do is to keep an eye on the thermostat and monitor its temperature. A lot of people don’t know, but temperatures have a great effect on the quality of the mattress, especially how sturdy or firm it is. You should keep your room cool, which will help keep the mattress firmer than usual.   

  • Replace and Check the Worn Out Layers

At times, you won’t notice, but the answer might be in the matter of damaged layers of your mattress. You may find it complicated, but not all the manufacturers make their products with removable covers or easy layers. 

You can easily check if your mattress’ layers are worn out or not so they can be replaced. It will add up to your average firmness that is needed, making the overall sleeping surface more comfy and restful for your sleep. 

Following are some of the best mattresses in case you might want one:

Where to Buy
Casper Original Foam Mattress, Queen, 2019 Edition
TUFT & NEEDLE Queen Mattress 
Leesa Hybrid Mattress


Casper Original Foam Mattress, Queen, 2019 Edition

Top Features: 

  • 12-inch of height
  • Firmness level: Medium Firm
  • Available in six sizes
  • Tetra layered foam
  • Provides optimal spinal alignment

TUFT & NEEDLE Queen Mattress 

  • Available in six sizes
  • 10 inches of height
  • Firmness level: Medium firm
  • Made from 35% Micro-polyamide and 65% polyester
  • Greenguard Gold and Certi PUR certified
  • Provides a bouncy yet supportive feel
  • Keeps you cool
  • Comes with a 10-year limited warranty

Leesa Hybrid Mattress

Top Features: 

  • Available in six different sizes
  • Made from polyester
  • Provides superior edge to edge support
  • Adapts to your body as you sleep
  • 1000+ individually-wrapped pocket springs for better sleep


It can be difficult to make the mattress firmer, but these tips and tricks are good to get started with. You can try these out so you don’t slump, and in return, sleep peacefully. Each method might provide a different result based upon your body alignment, the kind of person you are, and how long you sleep.