Beautiful Beach Towns to Retire In the US

Retirement is not just completing one’s work-life at the age of 65 or withdrawing from the worldly responsibilities, it must be considered depending on the stability of your finances, businesses (if self-employed), independent children, and to cover up your unmet needs. The word “Retirement” often feels if an old person is asked to leave his position in the firm and the pension funds would be his only financial mode of survival. This is not the case at all. Retirement is a word often used when a working person, either self-employed or hired by another employer, seeks to finish his working career and move to a retirement life, to spend his coming years with joy, peace and completing the unmet needs, wishes and goals.

If one is interested in leading a perfect retirement life, the very first thing that comes to mind is the place, and what can be better than beach towns in the US?A place is considered as a first-class spot for a retired couple on the following factors:

  1. Healthcare Services, i.e. Hospitals/ Clinics are in the vicinity
  2. Supermarkets with easy access to parking
  3. Banks and Financial Institutions nearby
  4. Airports

All of the factors mentioned above play a vital role in the decision of a retired couple in choosing the place to spend the rest of their lives in total peace and harmony, away from the hectic and repetitive routines of city life.

The below-mentioned beach towns are taken into consideration with respect to the factors mentioned above, and all of the beach towns have an easy approach to every place. The following beach towns are located in the most premium locations on the beaches, having an easy and traffic-free approach:

1. Fort Myers, Florida

Fort Myers FL USA Map

The location of the Fort Myers metro area is situated beside the River Caloosahatcheenear the Gulf Coast. This beach town is perfect for the people looking forward to living their retirement lives with relaxation and peace due to the fact that the mild winter weather there allows you to enjoy the whole year staying busy boating and fishing. Furthermore, the cost of living here is quite affordable.

Fort Myers

Fort Myers, Florida

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2. Daytona Beach, Florida

Daytona Beach FL USA Map

Daytona Beach is among one of the cheapest beach towns in the US if you are looking for an airport and other important amenities in the vicinity. It is unlike other remote beaches, and this is what attracts retirees to come live here. Indeed, a complete and affordable place to live. It has Boardwalk amusements as well to entertain everyone – it features Daytona Beach Bandshell, gift shops, Ocean Walk Shoppes, snack bars, best restaurants, and more!

Daytona Beach, Florida

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3. Sarasota, Florida

Sarasota FL USA Map

Sarasota is situated south on Florida’s Gulf Coast. It holds several cultural institutes exhibiting all sorts of art and has a very renowned Museum of Art. Here the shallow beaches are very famous and are a must-visit spot. Besides Beaches and Art, this place has a Golf Club, and golfing is a widespread hobby among senior citizens. Botanical Garden is another attraction for people who have interests in gardening and planting.

Sarasota, Florida Museum

Sarasota, Florida

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4. San Diego

San Diego CA USA Map

San Diego is situated on the Pacific Coast of California and is famous for its beaches. Having art galleries, zoo, and famous gardens make it a very desirable place for people to retire in. It has a warm climate so that you can enjoy the summer activities and water sports at their best. However, it is a bit more expensive to live in San Diego.

san diego skyline

San Diego

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5. Portland, Maine

Portland ME USA Map

The best thing about this place is the four-season climate, which offers warm summers and has perfect views of beaches so that you can enjoy the Atlantic Ocean striking against the sands of Portland. It also offers amazing seafood cuisines and superb innovative restaurants providing new and succulent meals.

Portland waterfront

Portland Head Light

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6. Miami

Miami FL USA Map

Miami provides the most amenities and luxury that only a metro location can provide. It has the warmest summers which allow indulging in water sports and other summer activities. Miami has a wide variety of health care clinics, and the elderly can use public transport for free. Miami provides countless options for beach lovers. If the elderly want to enjoy a little crowd, the south beach is the best option and to visit a beach for peace, Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park is the right place for them. Though this place gets a little crowded in summers, the pros are much greater than the cons. For the monthly rental purpose, a house can be obtained for as low as $1000 to $1500 on average.

Panorama Miami Florida Water

Miami Florida Sunset Skyline

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7. Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston SC USA Map

Charleston provides a little historical theme, and the southern hospitality will surely take place in your heart. The streets will bring back memories of historical events, and an antique vision will surely hold you back from moving away. The seafood restaurants are worth going, and the beaches here are the best spot to take your grandchildren on an outing.

Charleston, South Carolina

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8. Melbourne, Florida

Melbourne FL USA Map

Melbourne provides beach houses at a very affordable rate, and monthly rent is less as compared to other famous beach towns. It is a city in which every need is very much in the vicinity. Melbourne has its very own International Airport and a Thrill Park where your grandchildren can have a day out. Melbourne has Art Galleries, Museums, and Gardens along with an amazing Zoo which provides a tour through African Habitat.

Crane Creek (Melbourne, Florida)

Historic Downtown Melbourne

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9. Boston

Boston MA USA Map

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the US and is the capital of Massachusetts. It has a hospital that is ranked among the top 5 Hospitals in states, and the commute is hassle-free through the subway. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is situated here, and Harvard University is also a couple of miles from Boston. A ride to the major spots in the city requires no driving because of the rail, which takes you around the city to almost every spot. The beautiful beaches here and a ferry ride to Spectacle Island will surely let you, your partner, and your grandchildren have the best time of their lives. The housing here is fairly expensive, but the quality of time you will spend here will be worth the money spent.

Boston Panoramio

Boston Skyline

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10. Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville FL USA Map

This is the only city that provides miles and miles of beautiful white sand beaches and beach activities, and musical nights are held every week as well. A few less crowded beaches are also nearby just to enjoy with your family. Also, all water sports are easily available, including include boating, fishing and surfing.

Older adults have a common hobby, which is also the social hub of their interest, golfing – there are plenty of golf courses to see that are also used often for the championships. Houses here can be obtained for the rental purpose at a very affordable rate.

Jaxpano Acosta

The Mathews Bridge

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Retirement is a time where you leave behind all the worries and sorrows to fulfill whatever was left, whatever was important, but the work or responsibilities became a hurdle between you and your wishes and desires. Even small things matter in this time because this is the time to live and fulfill little dreams away from the hectic routines and traffic jams.

What other places can provide a comfortable and peaceful life if not these beach towns mentioned above? Have a happy retired life!