Best Reachers for Patients and Elderly People

A huge number of people are limited regarding various activities of day to day life. Elderly people make up a significant demographic of this category of people, and have to rely on multiple products designed to improve their accessibility and aid them in multiple tasks that they might have difficulty performing otherwise. We’ve already covered some of these products before, like panic buttons, bath lifts, mobility scooters, and fall safety floor mats. Today, we’re going to talk about reach extending grabber tools.

These are tools designed to help a person grab something out of their reach without having to bend, move, or else approach the desired object in any way. The design consists of a pole, usually not longer than a meter, with a handle and a trigger or two on one end and a claw of varying sorts on the other. The person using the reach extender holds it by the handle and, positioning the claw over the object they wish to grab, pulls the trigger which makes the claws clamp down on the object and hold it in place. This way the person the can then bring the grabbed object towards them without having had to move. Reach extender grabbing tools like these are usually used by city cleaning services picking up trash and litter to put in a bag without constantly having to bend over, old or disabled people with limited freedom of mobility, or in some cases as toys for children.

Buying Guide

There a few different kinds of reachers you can choose from. Before buying one you will of course need to evaluate what precisely your needs are. You will want to consider the distances you would be reaching over and plan for a reacher with the appropriate length required for that. Too short and you would have to move yourself, too long and it would be hard to position the claw over the object properly.

Then you’d also have to think about what exactly you will be reaching for and grabbing. Do you wish to traipse about outside, partaking in some community service and clearing the streets and parks of litter or do you simply want a reacher for a person that requires assistance when reaching for objects. If it’s the former, then you might do well enough with a simple reacher with a plastic claw and a basic trigger functionality. If it’s the former, you might instead wish to splurge on a model with suction cups on the ends of the claws to help in grabbing on to small round objects and a trigger function that locks the claws in place so the user doesn’t need to maintain a strong grip on the handle.

You can also go for other features depending on your usage requirements. If you’re going to be picking up litter after dark, or if the patient or elderly needs to frequently reach for a water bottle at three in the morning, you will want to consider a reach extender with an LED at the claw end of the pole. There are also variants that have magnets embedded into the claws, so that it’s even easier to grab tiny metallic objects without having them slipping out and falling.

Below we’ve compiled a list of some of the best reach extenders you can get. It consists of almost all kinds of reachers out there suited for any purpose you might need one for.

Where to Buy
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1. TSY TOOL 2 Pack Foldable Reacher Grabber Tool

  • Reasonably priced.
  • Includes two reachers in the box.
  • Great length allows you to grab items from difficult to reach places.
  • Has suction cups attached to the ends of the claws to help pick up slippery, small, or round objects.
  • Comes with a locking latch to lock the claws in place, eliminating the need to keep the trigger engaged.
  • Ergonomic handle and trigger design, greatly reducing hand stress and muscle fatigue.
  • Can be folded and compactly added to storage.
  • Made of sturdy, lightweight, and durable aluminum alloy.

2. RICWINANN ENINE 2 Packs – Reacher Grabber Pick Up Tool

  • Decent length, allowing you to reach for items up to three feet away.
  • Contains two reachers in the box.
  • Can be folded, making them easy to carry around with you or store in a cramped space, like a car.
  • High strength claws hold on to objects without being damaged.
  • Textured rubber handles allow for a firm, secure grip.
  • Can be rotated a whole 360° to fit into any manner of slim places.
  • Rotation can be locked at intervals of 90° for a more stable grip.
  • Specially designed handle fits your hand as nicely as a custom-tailored glove and allows for extended use.
  • Lightweight construction makes it the ideal companion for frail patients and the elderly.

3. ProcellatechGrabber Picker Trash Reacher Pick up Tool

  • Lengthy enough for most of your reach extension needs.
  • Able to rotate 360° and can be locked every 90° for enhanced reach into enclosed spaces.
  • Lightweight, doesn’t tire the user after extended periods of usage.
  • Foldable, compact design makes it convenient for snug storage and travel.
  • Handles are molded to provide a comfortable and stress-free grip to the user.
  • Rubberized handles allow for firm grips and decrease the risk of it slipping out of the user’s hand.
  • Durable aluminum alloy construction makes for a sturdy product.

4. RMS Royal Medical Solutions 2-Pack 32 Inches Long Grabber Reacher

  • Option to buy different length reachers.
  • Provides two reachers for an affordable price.
  • Comfortable handle specifically designed for extended usage.
  • Lightweight aluminum material.
  • Strong, inflexible body.
  • Comes with magnetic tips installed to help with picking up tiny metallic objects.
  • Has a yellow clip which can be used to fasten the reacher to a number of items to keep it nearby.

5. STKJ Reacher Grabber Pick Up Tool

  • High strength material makes for a strong, rigid reach extender.
  • Strong, yet lightweight enough to allow for hours of use.
  • Textured and specially shaped handle makes sure your hand doesn’t get fatigued during or after use.
  • The bottom and top ends can be unhooked and strapped together for compact storage or easier travel.

6. DSYYF 2 Pcs Folding Pick up Tool

  • Lengthy enough that you would never need to bend, squat, or stretch to reach an item.
  • Clawed end is designed to breach most cramped, high, or hard to reach places.
  • Claws are shaped to make sure they hold on to smaller, larger, or oddly shaped objects.
  • Durable and corrosion free material used for reacher assembly.
  • Ergonomic handles and triggers which ensure hands do not cramp from usage.
  • Head can be rotated 360° for maximum penetrability of difficult to reach or hidden places.
  • Head can be locked at 90° intervals during rotation so it doesn’t spin into an undesired angle during use.
  • Rubber ended grips make sure the claws have a firm, secure, and undamaging grip on grabbed items.
  • Reacher can be folded to almost half the size and be carried around at one’s leisure.
  • Compact fold gives you the freedom to store the reacher in tiny spots.
  • Comes with two reach extenders in the box.
Where to Buy
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7. STKJ Trash Picker Unique Design Reacher Grabber Tool

  • Curved claws aid in grabbing items without having to bend over.
  • Easy to pull triggers are a pleasure to use for frail and weakened hands.
  • Rubber padding on the ends of the claws ensure a strong, firm grip on the grabbed object.
  • Lightweight, durable aluminum alloy used for construction of the reacher.
  • Reacher can be folded, allowing for more convenient travel or storage.
  • Thought out handle design is easy to grip for long periods at a time.
  • Robust assembly of the pole makes sure it doesn’t buckle under weight.

8. GYqHFolding Reacher Grabber

  • Sweet spot length design allows for hassle-free use.
  • Corrosion resistant and durable aluminum alloy frame is also lightweight and easy on the arms and hands.
  • Suction cups at the ends of the claws hold on tightly to any item grabbed with the reacher.
  • Ergonomically designed handle is padded with rubber, providing a comfortable but also firm grip.
  • Jaw-like design of the claws keeps a dependable hold on items.

9. DSYYF Grabber Reacher Tool 2 Pack

  • Decently sized reach extender allows for easy access of hard to reach places.
  • Magnetic ends hold on to small metallic objects like coins.
  • Lightweight and robust aluminum alloy, plastic, and steel construction of the reacher.
  • Rubber textured padding at the ends of the claws holds objects in place and doesn’t let them slip.
  • Head can be rotated a full 360° and locked at 90° intervals along the rotation.

10. TL 48″ Nifty Nabber/ Grabber Tool

  • Extra long length provides you leisurely reach extension capabilities.
  • Strong metallic claws with rubber jaws and padding hold on to items extremely securely.
  • Made from sturdy, robust, and lightweight aluminum alloy.
  • Wide jaws allow you to grab large and fragile items from precarious places.
  • Comes with an e-book.

11. LANGYINH Reacher Grabber Tool

  • Luxuriously designed multipurpose reach extender grabbing tool.
  • Long lasting and rigid, strong handle, frame, and claws come together to make a robust product.
  • Trigger is easy on the hands.
  • Claws are padded with meticulously designed rubber pads that hold objects in a delicate yet firm grip.
  • Suitable for a variety of environments.
  • Available in a wide range of prices.

12. MOAKER Elderly Grab 32-inch Foldable Trash Pickup

  • Easy to use and highly affordable.
  • Claws are rubber padded for a soft but firm grip on any item being picked up.
  • Magnets embedded into the ends of the claws make it super easy to pick up items like keys and coins.
  • Corrosion resistant and durable, the sturdy aluminum alloy used to make this reacher lasts a long time.
  • Lightweight and foldable, it can be easily carried around or stored in a compact space.
  • Clawed end can be rotated a whole 360°.
  • Comes with an LED light positioned between the claws to help with picking up items in the dark.


That wraps up our discussion on reach extender grabbing tools. The list provides you with a wide selection of these tools and now, be it for yourself or an elderly you are caring for, you will know just what kind of reacher to get.