Finding Hobby Activities for seniors

Finding a hobby (a new one?) just right for you can give you a lifetime of enjoyment, far into your retirement years. The main thing to consider is; what do you like? Not what your family tree or best friend thinks you should like; it is for you!

Do you think you’re not very good at anything? If that sounds like you, here are questions to ask yourself about what you’ve wanted to do.

If you’re still working, now is the time to develop a hobby and plan for future senior activities.

It’s also a great idea to have several different hobbies because things change as we age; our interests, preferences, likeness, energy level, and way of thinking; everything changes.

Working with our hands at any age is particularly valuable. It promotes brain and physical coordination. And if you are particularly interested in crafting, you can find several effortless craft ideas online according to your choice and preference.

Many of you have either of your parents or loved ones who have moved in with you, and you are their full-time caregiver. Knowing their hobbies can help you in the long-term. And if their hobbies cannot go with their health condition, then finding an alternative can do the job as well. If they have a lot of hobbies, it will make your job way effortless.

First Ask Yourself:

To get started with finding a hobby, first take some notes and let yourself brainstorm. And keep in mind that some may be good extra income ideas and provide ways to do a little work after retirement.

  • Make a list of the top 5 hobbies or activities you like to do now.
  • Now make a list of the top 5 new activities you would like to learn. Do a brainstorming, and don’t limit yourself, financially or otherwise.

Idea List – for Finding a Hobby

Finding a hobby can be an entertaining exercise and will give you ideas on how you can expand the list.

  • photography – including nature, weddings, babies, children
  • home renovation
  • Do-it-yourself activities such as tile backsplash, creative cement work, etc.
  • interior decorating
  • woodworking
  • build and decorate a dollhouse – perhaps elaborate
  • furniture making
  • painting on furniture
  • furniture restoration
  • scrapbooking
  • going to or participating in flea markets
  • Metal detecting – you can find confounding treasures!
  • making trash to treasure projects
  • starting a collection – perhaps heirloom quality
  • studying antiques and antiquing
  • join a theater group and be in a play
  • or work with costumes and props
  • learn a new sport – biking, tennis, golf, swimming
  • take up chess; join a group
  • painting – on canvas; or paint on glass or wood
  • murals
  • candle making
  • hand-painted ceramic sinks
  • hand-painted ceramic tiles
  • pottery and ceramics
  • mosaics (including tables, chairs, trays)
  • crafts making – there are many crafts for seniors to explore
  • scale modeling 
  • small appliance or mechanical repair
  • Rug making (easy rug hooking, braided rugs, etc.)
  • learning or enhancing computer skills
  • making a website regarding your hobby or interest (you can make money too – really)
  • needlework such as cross-stitching or embroidery
  • knitting or crocheting
  • quilting – start small like a pillow or wall-hanging
  • be a volunteer or professional clown
  • making puppets and puppeteering
  • clock and watch repair
  • crossword puzzles
  • jewelry making
  • stained glass
  • specialized cooking
  • cake decorating
  • gardening – perhaps a specialty such as roses or exotic plants
  • flower pressing
  • sewing
  • upholstery
  • decorative pillows
  • journalism – articles for newspapers, magazines, organizations
  • creative writing – perhaps memoirs or a novel
  • write and, or illustrate a children’s book
  • record your memoirs (and help others) and transfer to a CD
  • making videos and movies
  • dancing – salsa, tap, ballroom, jazz, square dancing, contemporary; don’t limit yourself
  • singing
  • Playing musical instruments – (perfect for kids and families too).
  • floral arrangement
  • bird watching
  • fishing
  • card games
  • crafts – there are tons of easy craft ideas for seniors
  • make or study wines
  • beer making
  • getting a pet
  • public speaking
  • wedding officiant
  • Master another language – and take a trip!
  • sailing and boating

When finding a hobby, remember, there may be a craft store, home improvement store, community resources, or a senior center that can teach many of these activities. And don’t forget the library – most of them have or can get videos and books on a favorite topic. Or do you have a friend or family member who can teach you? Groups are always fun.

Do you have limitations?

If you have physical or other challenges and are unable to do your activity of choice now, you can find a modified hobby as well. (For instance, did you know there are special easy-to-grip garden tools, and even wheelchair accessible elevated gardens for the elderly, window gardens, and more?)

Also, consider reading books, watching movies or TV programs, attending seminars or conferences on the subject, or helping others. There are also many remarkable crafts for the elderly to consider – ask a local senior center or even a church group. After finding a hobby (or two), dedicate a room or area in your home to your unique activities. Make a list of the supplies you will need and find out how to get discounts.

A Special Note

If you are a writer, visit your nearest library or bookstore and look at the current “Writer’s Market.” It is an excellent yearly publication that tells what book and magazine publishers are looking for in that year. There are hundreds of listings. As you may guess, topics for baby boomers and elders are popular at this time.

You can also very easily self-publish a book by using Amazon’s system for Kindle books. If you want to try electronic publishing, Amazon will also help you put your book into Kindle reader format.

If you are an artist, there is a similar book called “The Artist’s and Graphic Designer’s Market.” It lists hundreds of publishing and licensing companies to submit your artwork to, and what they are looking for, even tips to go through the process. You can also pursue finding a licensing agent to represent your work to manufacturers.

And don’t forget to give back, if you can – teach someone what you know. And pass it on to family members, youth, and the elderly.

Following are some helpful products that seniors may find fun:

Where to Buy
DIY Hydroplane Wooden Puzzle 3D Toy Kit Creative Puzzle Model Kits 28-Piece Building Kit
Bob Ross Paint with Water
The Fun and Relaxing Adult Activity Book: With Easy Puzzles, Coloring Pages, Writing Activities, Brain Games and Much More


DIY Hydroplane Wooden Puzzle

When people reach old age, you will find them enjoying things that usually children do, and it is a normal part of that age. Puzzles are something that the individual of every age loves. Moreover, giving senior people something that they can do by putting in some effort gives them a sense of accomplishment and pleasure. 

And for such kind of older people, this DIY hydroplane wooden puzzle is ideal. The plane consists of non-finished products, and you have to assemble the puzzle pieces by yourself, and this is what makes this product perfect for seniors. It will keep them engaged and enhance their abilities, such as confidence, concentration, and eye-hand coordination.

Bob Ross Paint with Water (Paperback) 

Painting is a relaxing activity, and most kids, as well as seniors, enjoy coloring. The older people can enjoy this activity with their grandkids or any other kid of their family. And Bob Ross Paint with Water can serve this purpose as it consists of gorgeous landscapes inspired by the art of Bob Ross.

Moreover, it comes with a paintbrush that you can use to apply gentle strokes of water to those stunning sceneries. 

Brain Exercises for seniors

Adding brain activities to the list is important as they relax the brain, enhances their memories, and keep their mind young. Therefore, challenging puzzles are an ideal exercise recommended by experts all around the globe as they help us to keep our mental processes sharper and youthful.

These improvements in the cognitive abilities of senior people can also make their lives better. And this paperback, Brain Exercises for seniors, is specifically designed with this purpose. The easy-to-read and large print in this book makes it ideal for the seniors as it reduces the eyestrain of the small fonts found in most books.

The types of puzzles this book includes are Word Fit, Trivia, Crosswords, Sudoku, Word Search, and Jumbles.

The Fun and Relaxing Adult Book

If you are looking for an excellent variety of fun activities in a single book, then this activity book is what you need. This book is full of less challenging brain games, puzzles, coloring pages, and writing activities. And this makes it the perfect choice for seniors since they cannot do more challenging and complicated tasks.

Some of the brain games and well-known puzzles in this book include logic puzzles, word searches, and mazes, find the differences, crosswords, spot the odd one out, Sudoku, trivia, shadow finder, and more. All these will work as a great mental workout for the cognitive health of your loved seniors.

Hobbies Options for seniors

Finding a hobby for a senior, you are taking care of will become effortless once you get to know their interests and preferences. There is a lot of crafting and other options available that you can choose as productive and entertaining hobbies for your parents or the senior you are taking care of.