How Can You Benefit from a Neck and Shoulder Massage?

There will be a lot of days when we experience muscle pain in the neck and shoulders. The pain that we feel from those body parts is most likely attributed to bad posture whenever we are sitting down to work or to study. In addition, moving the neck and shoulders too much can also cause muscle pain. So, muscle pain in those areas is almost inevitable if you usually have poor posture or if you use them too much for exercise or for playing sports.

Thankfully, treating neck and shoulder pain is relatively easy since you can just get a massage for those areas. Massages for the neck and shoulders are done in just one session since they are already connected, although there are some spas or massage parlors that would also massage the back in order to fully treat neck and shoulder pain. To know more about this specific form of massage, here are the things you need to know about neck and shoulder massage and how it can benefit you.

What is a Neck and Shoulder Massage?

a woman getting a neck massage

A neck and shoulder massage, as its name already suggests, is a form of massage that focuses on applying pressure to the neck and shoulders. Therapists or masseuses primarily use their hands to massage a person’s neck and shoulders, but a massage tool or device can also be used to get a neck and shoulder massage. With a massage tool, a person will be able to do a neck or shoulder massage on his or her own, and some massage tools would even have adjustable speeds or intensities for a customized massage experience.

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Electric Massagers and Manual Massagers

using a massager on the shoulder

While getting a neck and shoulder massage from a spa or massage parlor is significantly better than doing the massage on your own, you may sometimes not have a lot of free time to go outside after work or school. So, if you want to get a sufficient massage for your neck and shoulders that are experiencing a lot of pain, it would be great if you have a massage tool or device with you.

A lot of massage tools today have rechargeable batteries that you can charge through an electrical outlet. So, you can bring these tools almost anywhere as long as there is an electrical outlet where you can charge them once their batteries run out of juice.

However, it is important to note there are also massage tools that don’t require batteries or electricity for them to work, and these tools are commonly called manual massagers. These manual massagers would require you to move a rolling pin from one area of your neck or shoulder to another.

The rolling pins found in manual massagers have spikes or studs that apply pressure to your skin and muscles. Then, the rolling pins are attached to a frame that has a handle so that you can grip the massager comfortably using your hand. So, to use a manual massager, you would first need to hold the handle with your hand and then place the massager’s rolling pins on your neck or shoulder before moving it up and down or right and left.

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What are the Benefits of Getting a Neck and Shoulder Massage?

Getting a neck and shoulder massage is basically essential if you are constantly experiencing pain in those mentioned areas. But besides relieving pain, there are also other benefits that you can get from this specific form of massage. Here are the benefits of getting a neck and shoulder massage.

Alleviate Pain

a woman experiencing neck and shoulder pain

Before we get into the other benefits of a neck and shoulder massage, let us first discuss how effective it is in alleviating pain in the neck and shoulders. Because of how focused this form of massage is on two specific parts of the body, the pain you are feeling in your neck and shoulders would certainly be gone after just one session.

The massage applies pressure on the muscles, which can then help in reducing or removing muscle knots. These muscle knots are hyperirritable areas of the muscles that can cause pain and discomfort, so it would be best to get rid of them as soon as possible. Besides muscle knots, a neck and shoulder massage can also help alleviate muscle contractions and spasms.

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Stress Relief

Stress would often cause muscle pain in the neck and shoulders to become worse, so it is also important to relieve your stress in order to have a much better time treating muscle pain. Fortunately, a neck and shoulder massage is effective in providing stress relief, as a massage is very calming and relaxing.

By being calmer and more relaxed, you will be able to get more positive thoughts instead of negative thoughts, which are typically the ones that cause a lot of stress. So, a massage is beneficial not only for your physical health but also for your mental health.

Helps Improve Blood Flow

relaxing neck massage

A neck and shoulder massage can help in improving blood flow, which is important in making the healing process of sore and painful muscles go faster. Oxygen is an element that is essential in healing the muscles that are experiencing pain and soreness, and one of the few ways that muscles can get oxygen is by receiving it from blood.

With bad blood flow, your muscles wouldn’t be able to get ample amounts of oxygen for them to heal, thus resulting in a slower healing process. By getting a neck and shoulder massage, you will be able to stimulate the blood vessels in your neck and shoulders so that they will work better and deliver more oxygen to the muscles.

If you are currently suffering from pain and soreness in your neck and shoulders, then you may want to try out a neck and shoulder massager at a nearby massage parlor or spa. Getting a neck and shoulder massage will surely relieve you from the pain that can sometimes get in the way of your daily life.

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