How to Avoid Foot Pain While Doing Chores

Life is tough. We try to keep up with time, but time does not allow us to run side by side. So, we end up procrastinating on our chores.

But remember, if life is hard, so are you. It is tough to add home chores to your already busy routine, but you have to do them at the end of the day, no matter what. So, stop delaying and procrastinating about these chores and schedule them on different weekdays to make them easy. 

One of the most common problems reported by people is that they get foot pain while doing chores. If you are tired of trying remedies to get rid of sore feet after prolonged indulgence in chores, we have some great tips for you. Let’s check them out.

1. Give Yourself Time to Relax 


This can only happen if you create and then follow a schedule. A day has only 24 hours, and you have to follow a proper schedule to avoid fatigue and pain. Prioritize your tasks and make a list before the week starts. Give yourself a day off from all the work, including indoor and outdoor, just to relax and wear off the fatigue that you gathered during the whole week.

You have to keep track of your progress throughout the day and mark it at the end of the day. Go to sleep on time, wake up with a refreshing smile, and work with full energy the other day. Not only that, give yourself breaks throughout the day. Might these breaks be worth 5 minutes, but they are important to refill your energy. 

2. Stretch Yourself Throughout The Day


If you work in an area that requires continuous maintenance of the same posture, you need to stretch your body parts. If your job includes standing for most of the day, your feet will ultimately be sore and painful at the end of the day while doing home chores. You can avoid your feet from being painful by frequently stretching throughout the day. 

Stretching prevents the muscles from staying in the same posture, helps regulate the blood flow so that the noxious particles are removed, provides fresh blood to the organs, lengthens your shortened muscles, and gives a feeling of relaxation. 

You can do exercises like heel and toe raises while standing and sitting. 

3. Foot Bath


A warm foot bath, especially one with sea salt, helps relieve sore feet. Warm water helps enhance the blood circulation to the affected area and relieves aching and soreness that results from doing the chores. 

4. Buy Foot Arch Supports 


Prolonged standing can affect the foot’s arch and cause malalignment that might not get noticed in the beginning. Any deviation from normal will lead to sore feet. You can save yourself from getting into trouble by buying arch supports, which can help eliminate the excessive stress on your foot and thus avoid painful conditions. 

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5. Be Vigilant About When To Switch Your Shoes


Like food, shoes also have an expiry date. They may not look expired, but they cannot provide support after 400 to 500 miles of walking. Therefore, make sure to switch your shoes once you feel their life is over. 

6. Icing May Help


Icing can help you distant yourself from inflammation inside your feet. Fill a plastic bag with ice and ice your feet for around 15 to 20 minutes at least twice a day. Ice keeps you away from sores, just like how an apple keeps you away from the doctor. These traditional treatment strategies are thought to yield effective results. 

7. Engage Yourself in a Workout Routine


Exercises keep the body fit and healthy and away from diseases and fatigue. It is a universally accepted saying that prevention is better than cure, especially when prevention is fun. Exercises are fun and should be a part of every person’s routine, whether a teenager or an adult. 

Different types of exercises that you can add to your daily routine are:

  • Aerobics
  • Pilates 
  • Relaxation exercises
  • Yoga
  • Tai chi 

These exercises will help strengthen your muscles as well as bones. They will ultimately lead you to a better immune system, capable of tolerating increased stresses. You should do these exercises 3 to 4 times a week to see the changes. You will end up feeling stronger, healthier, and fresh. Try to do the workouts in the morning, but that is not a compulsion.

8. Switch to Lighter Equipment


Some people use heavier appliances, which can ultimately lead to back and foot pain after repetitive usage. If you are one of them, you are killing your body cells. You must not fatigue your body more than the level of its tolerance. So, better switch to some lightweight equipment and keep yourself relaxed.  

9. Stay Hydrated


You might be wondering about the relation between staying hydrated and keeping your foot pain-free. Staying hydrated keeps you at a distance from numerous problems. If it is hot outside, you could be the victim of electrolyte imbalances. Electrolytes are the charged minerals that reside in our bodies. They are found everywhere in the body, including blood, urine, tissues, and other areas. They help maintain your acid-base level within normal ranges. 

Thus, electrolyte depletion may be the factor causing aches in your feet if you do home chores for a long period. Therefore, staying hydrated is the key to stay healthy.

10. Watch Your Movement Patterns and Correct Them if Needed


If you don’t maintain the right posture while moving, you might be the suspect of foot pain. Following are some ways to prevent possible complications:

  • If you are about to bend and lift a heavy object, never do it from sideways. Stand right in front of the object and bend yourself to lift it.
  • Squatting is the most effective way to lift objects. Be careful not to keep your knees in front of the toes. This can cause trunk and foot pain. Keep your knees at the level of your toes and your back straight.
  • Now hold the object and lift it without twisting or leaning. 

11. Massage Your Foot Often

 Massaging any part of the body can take away the toxins responsible for causing pain. You can avoid pain by having a foot massage at the end of the day. After this, you will wake up relaxed and full of energy the next morning.

Keeping your body healthy is not tough. You just have to pamper it regularly and observe the difference with your eyes. 


We hope you like these tips to avoid foot pain you might get while doing the house chores. One must not forget to take care of oneself in the hustle of life. Spare some time for yourself so that you would not have to take longer rest breaks.