Best Aluminum Stair Lifts

Most houses with two or more houses today are designed to have the bedrooms on one of the top floors, as the ground floor is usually supposed to be the space for the kitchen, living room, and other rooms that have different functions in the house. If you have an elderly person in your family, you will notice that he or she has a difficult time climbing the stairs to reach his or her bedroom. In addition to the difficulty of climbing stairs because of their fragile bodies, stairs are also not safe for them to step or climb on, as the dangerous height once they get to the middle and near the top of the platform can make them prone to falling and thus present more complications to their bodies.

stair lift with a red seat

To remedy the said problem, most homeowners would just move the bedroom of the elderly to the ground floor. However, not all people have that option, especially if the first floor of the house is already crammed with plenty of rooms. So, the best solution for them to make the elderly more comfortable and safer in getting to his or her bedroom on the top floor is to install an aluminum stair lift or an ambulance medical lift on the stairs. This aluminum stair lift would only require the elder to sit on a special seat that will carry them up to the second floor. There are dozens of different brands and models of aluminum stair lifts for you to choose from, but there are only a few of those that people consider the best in terms of features and safety. Here are some of the best aluminum stair lifts you can buy online.

1. Universal Stair Lift by Universal Lifts

The first product on the list is the Universal Stair Lift that is designed and sold by Universal Lifts. The Universal Stair Lift is 100% made in America and has three safety mechanisms to make it much safer for the elderly and disabled people to use. In addition to the safety mechanisms, this stair lift also has a wireless remote so that the caretaker or a family member will be able to control the stair lift if the elderly don’t know which button to press on the machine.

When not in use, the Universal Stair Lift can be folded neatly so that it would remain flat on the wall. If you are worried about adding wiring to your home to power up the stair lift, the product already includes a power cord so that it can be plugged directly into an outlet without the need to have extra wiring. Furthermore, if there is a power outage in your house, the stair lift has an internal rechargeable battery that allows the elderly to use it for more than 20 minutes.

2. Harmar Stair Lift

One of the simplest stair lifts that you can buy is the Harmar Stair Lift, a no-frills machine that has controls and buttons at the top and the bottom of the stairs. So, whether the caretaker is on the top floor or at the bottom floor, he or she will be able to control the stair lift with ease. Another great thing about the Harmar Stair Lift is that it has a simple design and appearance, so it wouldn’t really overpower the interior design of the home for those homeowners that care about the look of their house.

The simplistic design of the stair lift can also be seen on the seat, but its simple appearance doesn’t really affect its safety features, which it has plenty of. The Harmar Stair Lift has a built-in seat belt to prevent the elderly or disabled from falling off the seat when it is moving. In addition, the lift would also automatically stop if the controls for the machine are released, so the caretaker would need to hold a button to keep the lift working. Unfortunately, the Harmar lift doesn’t have a built-in power cord, so you would need to install new wiring on your home to power up the machine.

3. Nautilus Stair Lift

Next on the list is the Nautilus Stair Lift, another simple stair lift that is grease-free, which means that you don’t need to apply grease on the lift in order for it to move with fluidity. As opposed to the Harmar lift that has its controls at the bottom and top portions of the lift, the Nautilus Stair Lift has its control on the armrests, so the elderly can control the lift on their own.

The chair of the Nautilus lift is wide enough to accommodate different body types, and it is also quite sturdy enough to support the weight of the user. However, the con on the Nautilus Stair Lift is that it doesn’t have a power cord, much like the Harmar lift. So, you may need to contact your local electrician to get new wiring on the stairs to provide power for the lift.

4. AmeriGlide Horizon Plus Stair Lift

A high-tech stair lift that you can buy online is the AmeriGlide Horizon Plus Stair Lift, which has an infrared remote controller so that the caretaker can control the lift wirelessly. Besides the controller, another great feature that the AmeriGlide Horizon Plus has is its fully adjustable seat that can be adjusted to fit different body types. Also, the stair lift comes with a built-in seat belt that is comfortable enough for the elderly to strap around his or her waist.

Similar to the Universal Stair Lift, the AmeriGlide Horizon Plus features rechargeable batteries that allow the lift to work during a power outage. Moreover, the stair also has a narrow design so that it doesn’t take too much space on the stairs, and the seat can be folded neatly to stay flat near the wall.

5. Medallion Stair Lift

The last one on this list is another simple stair lift called the Medallion Stair Lift. This stair lift is grease-free like the Nautilus lift, so you don’t need to apply grease frequently on the sides of the lift in order for it to work properly and efficiently. Another good feature that it has is that it operates quietly, so the elderly or disabled won’t be annoyed by the sound it makes since the lift produces little to no noise.

The Medallion Stair Lift is also easy to assemble, so the caretaker and other family members will not feel any hassle or stress from assembling the stair lift at home. However, the drawback to the Medallion lift is that its track is relatively short, so you may need to be extension tracks to accommodate the stairs of your home if it is too long.

These are just five of the best stair lifts that you can buy, although there are some great stair lift models out there that you should check out online. Remember to do some research first before deciding on which stair lift brand and model you will purchase for your home.