What are Over the Bed Tables and What are Their Benefits?

There are many seniors and people with disabilities or special needs that are already bedridden and aren’t able to move their legs properly due to injuries and weak bones or muscles. For bedridden patients, the caregiver would need to assist them 24/7. To help caregivers have an easier time taking care of their elderly or disabled patients, there are many tools and devices that are effective in providing assistance for specific tasks or chores.

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One of the most important devices needed by caregivers for bedridden patients is the over the bed table, also known simply as the overbed table. To know more about this device, here is a guide to over the bed tables and their benefits.

What are Over the Bed Tables?

elderly woman with an over the bed table

The over the bed table or overbed table is a type of table that can be set on top of the bed. Overbed tables are usually set up under the legs of the person on the bed, which would then allow him or her to use the table to eat food or do other activities. The overbed tables are convenient to use for children and adults since they can eat breakfast while in bed, although these tables are more useful for elderly patients and people with disabilities that cannot get up from bed.

What are the Different Types of Over the Bed Tables?

food on the overbed table

There are different types of over the bed tables to choose from, and here are some of the things that you need to know about them so that you will have an easier time picking the type that is suitable for your elderly patient or loved ones.

Divan Overbed Table

The divan overbed table is designed specifically for divan-type beds, which don’t have a lot of space at their bottom because there are cabinets underneath the bed. So, the feet of the divan overbed table are narrower and thinner compared to other types of overbed tables so that they can fit securely on the bottom space of divan beds.

Because the feet and frame of divan overbed tables are narrow and thin, they tend not to last as long as other types of overbed tables, but they are still durable enough to last for a few years before they need to be replaced.

Wheeled Overbed Table

The wheeled overbed table, as its name already suggests, is the type of overbed table that has wheels on its feet. Because of the wheels, the wheeled overbed table is easy to move around for both the caregiver and the patient.

However, it is also because the wheels that wheeled overbed tables can move too much that they may move away from the bed by accident. Luckily, the best wheeled overbed tables have wheel locks that allow the wheels and the feet to stay in place, although these locks can only be activated by the caregiver if the patient cannot get out of bed.

Auto-Touch Overbed Table

The auto-touch overbed table is an advanced device that enables caregivers and patients to customize the height of the table. This type of overbed table is suitable for patients that want to control the overbed table themselves.

The downside to the auto-touch overbed table is its price, as it is more expensive compared to other types of overbed tables because of its auto-touch features. But, if you (as a loved one or a caregiver) have the budget to buy this type of overbed table, then this may be the best option for you because of its functionality, stability, and durability.

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What are the Benefits of Over the Bed Tables?

overbed table being used by an elderly woman

Over the bed tables have different uses, which makes them one of the most useful and versatile devices for the elderly or people with special needs. Here is a list of benefits of using over the bed tables.

Adjustable Top

Most over the bed tables have an adjustable top, which basically means that you can tilt the top so that you can use it as a stand for a book or magazine you are reading or as a holder for your phone or tablet while you are watching a video, TV show, or movie. So, the patient can use the overbed table not only for eating meals but also for other activities that they can do while they are bedridden. But keep in mind that not all overbed tables have an adjustable top, so if you want your patient to have a more versatile table to use, you should find the ones that have a top that can be adjusted or tilted.

Holders for Bottles and Medications

Besides an adjustable top, there can also be a section of the overbed table that have cup holders and trays where the patient can store water bottles, cups, food, and medications. With these holders and trays, the overbed table can be even more versatile, which makes it a must-have for bedridden seniors or patients because of how it can be used not only for eating and doing activities but also for storage. However, much like the adjustable top, there will be overbed tables that don’t have cup holders and trays.

Portable Frame

Many over the bed tables have a portable frame that allows them to be carried around for easy transport. The frame of some overbed tables has foldable parts so that you can just fold the table so that it is much easier to carry, while there are also overbed tables that have lightweight frames that make them easy to lift.

And those are all the things you should know about over the bed tables and their benefits. Now that you have gained knowledge about overbed tables, their different types, and their uses, you can already see how beneficial it is to have for your patient or elderly loved ones. Purchase highly-rated over the bed tables so that they can last longer and will remain useful for years.

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